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"Writers Sarah Mack and Josh Price landed the prize, a chance to pitch their completed script, “Shrink Retreat,” to Keshet International CEO Alon Shtruzman (“La Brea,” “The Missing”)."


“Shrink Retreat” is about “a burned-out young therapist tries to rekindle her passion for helping others at a secret retreat for psychologists at what turns out to be a wacky summer camp."

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Seemingly perfect Claire is in the middle of killing herself when her dementia-riddled neighbor and his son show up with a crisis of their own. Unable to be impolite, Claire invites them in, but when they won't leave, she's faced with the impossible task of hosting guests...while committing suicide.

Director: Sarah Mack

Screenwriter: Sarah Mack

Producers: Josh Price, Lauren Dortch Crozier

Cast: Sarah Mack, Carter Hudson, Mark Woollett, Josh Price

The Art of Hosting is screening at festivals across the US and Canada, where it's been awarded Best Direction by the Toronto Comedy Film Festival. 

Click Here for an interview with Wildsound Podcast about the film. 

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It's Fine: Teaser

Mackenzie Barker's life is in shambles as she tries to balance her creative aspirations with her frustrating co-worker and family drama. Available to stream on Amazon.

Director: Tine Delucia

Screenwriter: Sarah Mack

Story by: Sarah Mack and Lauren Dortch-Crozier

Producers: Josh Price, Chi Fung Kwong, Brian Rice

Cast: Sarah Mack, Lauren Dortch-Crozier, Hollye Hudson, Mackie Saylor

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